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[Solved] A5120-48G Freeradius 802.1X


[Solved] A5120-48G Freeradius 802.1X



I'm tryning to use 802.1x wired authentication with a freeradius under debian squeeze. Supplicant is XP sp3.


My supplicant first authenticate got port authorized and 30 seconds later restart to authenticate.


My config for dot1x is the simplest possible like this :


 dot1x authentication-method eap
 dot1x free-ip


Radius and AAA configuration


radius scheme system
 server-type extended
 primary authentication
 primary accounting
 key authentication testing123
 key accounting testing123
 user-name-format without-domain
domain system
 authentication lan-access radius-scheme system local
 authorization lan-access radius-scheme system local
 authentication portal local
 access-limit disable
 state active
 idle-cut disable
 self-service-url disable


802.1x port configuration


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1
 port access vlan 100
 dot1x max-user 1
 undo dot1x handshake


Some idea ?


Thanks a lot (apologies for my poor english)


Edit : I found solution by myself. Errors in dot1x configuration on switch.

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Re: [Solved] A5120-48G Freeradius 802.1X

Try Dot1x Port-method Port based