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Stack between 4800G @96Gbps

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Stack between 4800G @96Gbps

Hi ,

As per the data sheet, 4800G can XRN stack at 96 Gbps speed.

But i am not able to find any builtin port for the same.

If i like to purchase this switch with 96Gbps stack , do i need to purchase any additional modules/cable s?


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Re: Stack between 4800G @96Gbps

Well, you have to use several ports:

"Resilient stacking; full duplex bandwidth of 96 Gbps when using CX4

cables and link aggregation (48 Gbps without aggregation); 40 Gbps when

using 10-Gigabit connections"

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Re: Stack between 4800G @96Gbps

You'd have to buy a local connection 10G module and CX4 cables.

96Gbps is the maximum bandwidth for a complete stack with a loop connection.

Work with the 48Gbps value in mind.

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