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Static Link Aggregation on Stacked 5500G

Occasional Contributor

Static Link Aggregation on Stacked 5500G

I have a stack of three 5500G switches (Two 24 port and one 48 port). Everytime I try to create a Static Link Aggregation of 2 adjacent ports (initially disconnected as 3 Com suggested), I always receive the message "Port configuration is not appropriate" on one of the ports. Is there more to creating Static Link Aggregation than is in the book?

Super Advisor

Re: Static Link Aggregation on Stacked 5500G

Hi, James.

Weird behavior; I've never seen this happening. But, why are you setting the adjacent ports? Don't you prefer to setup the ports distributed in the stack instead using adjacent ports? The aggregated link would increase in resilience.

Are the port configured with some special feature, like mirroring or something like that?