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Static Route problem

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Static Route problem

I'm not sure if this is a problem or a misconfiguration but I could do with some help please.


We have a A5120 SI 3 layer switch setup with 2 Vlans,  Vlan 1 and Vlan 2 the switch trunks to a Sonicwall TZ210 for internet access. 


The Sonicwall has two subinterfaces and for both subnets and I can ping the switch and Sonicwall subinterfaces from the clients.


The problem I'm having is with the default route for internet access. What should this be??


If I add the following 2 routes only one route shows as active and that Vlan has Internet access, if I remove one off the static routes then the remaining route becomes active. What I need is both routes to be active so both Vlans can access the internet at the same time.


Static routes


I tried adding one static route to the primary interface but the switch couldn't see the network I assume the Sonicwall is dropping the packets. 


Any help/advise would be grateful as to how i can get both Vlans to share an internet connection.





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Re: Static Route problem

Hi reidd


The A5210-SI does not support ECMP (multiple routes to the same destination). I could not understand why to use it on a switch like this (no dyn routing). And I dont understand your application nor network topology.




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