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Static Vs DHCP adress

Occasional Contributor

Static Vs DHCP adress



I have a setup of a A5500 and a couple of E2620 switches.


The A5500 is the default GW for a couple of networks.


When putting a static IP adress on a host in a VLAN, anywhere in the network, it is unable to ping its default gw. But if I request a dhcp adress it works perfectly. Why?

Does it relate to dynamic/static learning of mac-address?


Any ideas?


Michael A. McKenney
Respected Contributor

Re: Static Vs DHCP adress

Do you have routing from that static gateway configured?  Can you VLAN communicate with other VLANs on your network? 

John Gelten
Regular Advisor

Re: Static Vs DHCP adress

Yes, it may very well have to do with dynamic/static learning of mac-addresses in the 5500...

If DHCP snooping is configured, it will not learn the addresses for the statically configured hosts, unless you manually configure those in the 5500.

So, either disable DHCP snooping in the 5500 (though you probably put it there for a good security-reason) or configure the ARP-entries for the manually configured hosts in the 5500.