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Superstack 3 4500 as Router?

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Superstack 3 4500 as Router?

Hello Forums,

first, i want to introduce myself. I am very new to Switches and Routers especially with 3com products.I've never worked with this devices before, so lets give it a try.

i would like to set up an router for an testlab without buying a new device. So my question is, is it possible to use a 3Com Superstack 4500 Switch as router for at least 8 Networks?

If yes, could someone point me to a guide for doing this?




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Re: Superstack 3 4500 as Router?

I have a 4500G with several networks.  Create a VLAN for each subnet, then assign ports to each VLAN.

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Re: Superstack 3 4500 as Router?

4500 support up to 4 IP interfaces, you should check datasheet first http://www.3com.com/other/pdfs/products/en_US/400952.pdf

To get 8 subnets you can  try sub-ip interfaces.


Fast cookbook


vlan 1

vlan 2

int vlan 1

ip add x.x.x.x mask

int vlan 2

ip add y.y.y.y mask


now you need only to assign ports to vlan 2, since vlan 1 is default