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Superstack3 4400SE 801.1Q tags

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Superstack3 4400SE 801.1Q tags


I am having a problem forwarding unknown 801.1Q tags using a 3com superstack3 4400se. I am using the following setup:

- 1 "head" pc connected to the 1000 Base-T module in the back

- a number of pc's connected to the front ports

All these are on the same subnet in (the default) VLAN 1. On the pc's I would like to create a virtual network alongside the already existing network. But it seems that the switch is blocking the tagged packets. The switch has been upgraded to version 6.13.

The method I currently use to test the VLAN is to create 2 virtual interfaces on 2 linux pc's :

vconfig add eth0 10

ifconfig eth0.10 192.168.1.(1-2) up

It should then be possible to ping the remote hosts but the newly created ip's are only reachable whith a local ping.

After extensive googling I found little documentation describing such a problem and no solution to allow these tagged packets to pass through the switch. When using a dumb unmanaged switch the packets do reach their destination.

2 solutions are equally acceptible:

- Allow the switch to act as an unmanaged switch

- Configure the switch to forward unknown 802.1Q tags

Any help would be greatly appreciated.


Sam Verboven