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Swapping switches for POE versions

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Swapping switches for POE versions


First let me say I am very new to Comware, however I do have a good deal of Cisco experience and have found a great document converting Cisco commands to Comware commands that has helped me to get up to speed on Comware. I have a switching frame work made up of several 5120EI 48 port switches that are not POE, I am swapping these out with 5120EI 48 Port models with POE. I would like to take the config from the old switches and put it onto the new ones and then drop in place. I am looking for any advice on the best way to go about this. I have 2 seperate IRF stacks that are trunked that will be getting swapped. I want to maintain the current configs including the IRF settings. I will configure POE/QOS etc after the new switches are in place.


Thanks for  any provided advice!!


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Re: Swapping switches for POE versions

I would just use a text file, personally, and copy the config over in chunks.

Either way, to setup the new IRF, you will have to configure the IRF, then reboot the switch before adding the IRF interface config. Also, the IRF interfaces need to be shutdown so you can configure then activate them. I don't think configuring an IRF stack is a one-step process anyway, so you still have to do it manually.

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Re: Swapping switches for POE versions

If the old and the new switches are compatible to form an IRF stack you can do this online.

First swap the second switch of the IRF stack, and join it to the stack. make sure every connected interface is working, and then replace the first switch.

If you can do it offline, just copy the config and load it into the switches, and connect the IRF cables.