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Switch 3824(3C17400) Hangs after POST

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Switch 3824(3C17400) Hangs after POST

Hi!, yesterday we had a power outtage and our switch never boots again.


If I connect to serial port while the switch is booting I can see:

Normal Mode

--- Performing Power-On Self Tests (POST) ---


DRAM Test....................PASS

Timer Test...................PASS

PCI Device 1 Test............PASS

PCI Device 2 Test............PASS

Switch Int Loopback test.....PASS

Done All Pass.

------------------ DONE ---------------------

And nothing more. While the POST is being performed de Self-test led is lighting, then all the leds of the ports are turned on and then off. After that the only led that keeps green is "power". Ports leds are off even if I have some device connected to them.

Any idea of what could be happening?

Thanks and Regards


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Re: Switch 3824(3C17400) Hangs after POST

It appears that the operational system was corrupted during the outage. I suggest you to interrupt the boot sequence using the sequence CTRL+B and perform a upload of the operational system using XMODEM, at the maximum speed of the console (115000 bps).


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Re: Switch 3824(3C17400) Hangs after POST

 Fred_mancen, thanks for your reply. When I try again pressing CTRL+B. After POST the console show:

Loading Runtime Image File : op1.bix



And the Switch boots correctly, Now i can turn off and on the switch again with no problem And everything works great now.

Is this normal? I have to put this Switch back in production enviroment but I dont know if I can trust on it.


Thanks again for your help.

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Re: Switch 3824(3C17400) Hangs after POST

I would not trust enough to put it on back in production without perform some tests or upload a new firmware to it. But if the switch does not run in a critical environment, there is no problem.