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Switch 3CR17255-91 - 5500 - 48 portas - G-EI slowly

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Switch 3CR17255-91 - 5500 - 48 portas - G-EI slowly

Does anyone had this experience?

Before opening a call at HP, if possible, and if you have time, I would like your help with the occurrence below.

I did some tests with the switch that were the core of the data center alone, ie, one-on-one without being in stack.

Switch 3CR17255-91-5500 - 48 ports - G-EI

My test scenario is as follows:

Configured on the switch interface Vlan 1 and default gateway and the STP stopped, etc..

Also set a laptop on the same network and connecting to one of the switch ports.

Making the "ping" command to the destination interface VLAN1 no other device connected to the switch.

The time respostado the "ping" command varies greatly, reaching peaks of 50 ms.

Already updated to the latest firmware and bootrom, and has performed in the reset switch several times.

This behavior in response 'ping' is normal for this switch?

I ask because I do the same test on a 4500G and the response time is "spiked" at 1ms even with "load".

thank you


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Re: Switch 3CR17255-91 - 5500 - 48 portas - G-EI slowly

Hi Panco


Yes, that's normal.


Traffic processed by software is slow, because the switch has other things to do then answering a ping.


Connect another notebook to an other port of the same switch and ping from notebook to notebook. Here you have to expect less then 2ms because it is processed by hardware (ASICs).


Best regards



H3CSE, MASE Network Infrastructure [2011], Switzerland
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Re: Switch 3CR17255-91 - 5500 - 48 portas - G-EI slowly

Hello Manuel
Thanks for the info.
But there is still one doubt. Because the same test on the 4500G does not have this problem?

Sorry, you are Brazilian?

Thank you