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Switch 4200G VLan Configuration

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Switch 4200G VLan Configuration


I am having difficulty setting up VLAN's and Inter VLAN routing.

I have created 2 VLANs.  vlan 1. is for server farm ( toatal about 10 units fixed ip servers) and

Vlan 2 is for PC  enviroment.

The IP ranges are  different VLAN 1 = and VLAN 2 =

proposal an unit 3com 4200g as core switch , and 6 units departmental switches model is 3com 2928 to

 be install at office Local network environment.

presently firewall act as default gateway  , however that's several units of printer and

 photostate machine with fixed IP and default gateway, located at several departmental switches.

How am I supposed to go about setting up my VLANs and making sure

 I can get traffic from one to the other. Will just this 3Com 4200G be neccesary or do I need router configuration

or more hardware ?

I am eagerly awaiting your response.


Super Advisor

Re: Switch 4200G VLan Configuration

Since you already created the VLANs and VLAN interfaces in the 4200G settings, you just need to setup your DHCP settings, where you need to change the default gateway to the IP interfaces created in the switch. From this moment on the hosts will look for the switch as its default gateway. In order to reach the internet you have to add a default route to the proxy or gateway to the internet. The internal routing is automatic, because the VLAN interfaces are network directly connected, no further action is necessary. The switch will perform the routing among the internal network segments (VLAN interfaces) and your firewall or security zones.

Remember that the 4200G switches can support up to 4 IP interfaces, and you have to assign the VLAN ID at the ports of your hosts according your needings.