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Switch 5130 - Nombre de port dans un aggrégat

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Switch 5130 - Nombre de port dans un aggrégat


Sur un switch 5130, pouvez-vous me dire combien de port maximum peut-on ajouter dans un aggrégat de lien ?

Est-ce comme sur les 5120, à savoir 8 ports maximum ?

** English : 

On a 5130 , can you tell me how many ports can be added to a link aggregate ?
Is it like the 5120 , ie up to 8 ports?

I 'm french , sorry for the translation ... "


Merci pour votre réponse.


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Re: Switch 5130 - Nombre de port dans un aggrégat

Hello, that's an interesting question...

If you're referring to HPE FlexNetwork 5130 EI series at least three things can be reported reading related documentation about Aggregation Groups (see, as example, HPE FlexNetwork 5130 EI Switch Series Layer 2 - LAN Switching Configuration Guide part number 5998-5481R):

  • that Switch series supports (the definition of a) maximum of 128 Aggregation Groups.
  • the maximum number of Selected ports for an Aggregation Group is set to 8, this is a default value.
  • the maximum number of Selected ports allowed in an Aggregation Group is limited by either the
    configured maximum number of (Selected) ports or (Switch) Hardware capability, whichever value is smaller.

So it looks like the answer could be probably 8 ports per defined Aggregation Group...but, at the same time, it looks like that that value is just a threshold that can be adjusted via CLI (via the command link-aggregation selected-port maximum number <- where number default value is 8).

I wasn't able to find an explicit statement that say "An Aggregation Group can have up to n member ports" or anything about an "Hardware capability" limit related to LAG/BAGG.