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Switches Locking up

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Switches Locking up



I am having a problem with a bank of switches, 3x 3Com 4226T and 1 unmanaged 8 port Gigabit switch. (Running the latest firmware where available)

They are not configured with any features apart from an IP address on each

The problem is that every now and again all 4 of the switches lock up and network traffic does not reach the destination, either accessing devices via the same switch, or from one switch to another.

I have replaced the gigabit switch with a cheap and cheerful unmanaged gigabit switch, but the same thing still happens, i cannot even communicate with devices connected via this gigabit switch while this outage is happening.

To recover from this, i need to reboot all switches.

I have disabled Spanning Tree and IGMP Multicast Filtering on all switches, and this seems to increase the period of time between the lock ups - it was every 2 days but now it is every 2 weeks.

Does anybody know what could be causing this?