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Teaming NICs on separate 4500Gs for redundancy?

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Teaming NICs on separate 4500Gs for redundancy?

We have several 4500G switches, single subnet, not clustered or stacked.  Single power supply on each.  For redundancy (throughput not an issue at this point), on a Dell Poweredge 2650/Windows Server 2003 with dual NICs I would like to configure the NICs to team using Smart Load Balancing with the supplied Broadcom software to use a single IP address, with each NIC cable going to a different 4500G.  That is, if one 4500G failed I'd like the other to continue to supply bandwidth to the server.  Is this possible without some interconnection between the 4500G's (other than the Cat5 that connects them)? suggests this should be possible without doing anything to the 4500G's since the intermediary Broadcom driver presents a single MAC address (and IP address) to the switches.  I am trying to set up Smart Load Balancing with both NICs currently "live" rather than one as a failover, to possibly head off problems with a finicky digital recording system. 

Obviously, I'm not an expert at this, so any advice is appreciated.  The document linked below was helpful but focussed more on throughput issues than redundancy.  Thanks!

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