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Telnet/SSH access: backspace does not work

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Telnet/SSH access: backspace does not work

We're managing all our 3Com switches using the CLI via SSH.


The backspace key works as delete (deletes the character on the cursor) und pressing the delete key prints a '~'.


CTRL-H deletes the charater before the cursor position (what bachpace should do).

We tried different terimal emulators (xterm, urxvt, konsole, gnome-terminal), but all show the same behaviour.

When using the serial cable and minicom, the keys are correctly mapped and backspace works.

This problem only occurs with 3com switches. Switches from other vendors do not have this problem.

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Re: Telnet/SSH access: backspace does not work

Although this post is over four years old, the issue/oddity/annoyance still persists.


For me, using Putty on Windows, I was able to modify the properties and go to Terminal > Keyboard > set "The Backspace key" to "Control H". As mentioned by Dennis Handly here.

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Re: Telnet/SSH access: backspace does not work

In *nix you can also setup a script which you use to start ssh-client with - this way the script can replace the keysequence with the one Comware preferes when you hit the backspace key.


Unfortunately I have missplaced the url which have published this script but Ill updated this post once I locate it (unless somebody else is faster than me to publish that url im thinking of? :-)