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Time Sync on 5406zl

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Time Sync on 5406zl


We have a number of these switches on code K.12.62


I can configure sntp to poll a Windows 2003 DC and sync time.


We have recently acquired more of the same switch and they came with code K14.41


The new switches cannot get time from the 2003 DC.


Is there more config required (or change of command) to get this to work?


Or has HP decided not to allow MS servers to give time to these switches after a certain code release?


I have already noticed that our old command was:


sntp server x.x.x.x


and now is:


sntp server priority 1 x.x.x.x 3


I would like to know if this can still be configured on the new switch code or do I have to downgrade to the version we know that works.



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Re: Time Sync on 5406zl



suppose that your commands in config related to sntp should be:


timesync sntp the sntp method


sntp unicast

...enable sntp in unicast mode


sntp server < ip-addr >

sntp server priority <1 - 3 >

...set sntp server and priority


show sntp

... you can display info related to sntp and check that sntp is selected as timesync method and not disabled


Additional you may need to configure time zone and changing day-light rule. You can find more info in Management and Configuration Guide K.15.05.