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Re: Trunk to Ciscoswitches

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Trunk to Ciscoswitches

Hi everybody!

My currently setup is, just one port from a 5900AF to a cisco switch, as a trunk-port. Now, I need more speed between the switches and I have to configure a trunk with 2 ports.

At the procurve switches I can simply configure a new trunk with console/menu. Now, which steps I have to do with a comware-switch? Is LACP needed?

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Re: Trunk to Ciscoswitches



You can follow the below steps to configure the ports on the comware switch for aggregation


interface <port no>
port link-mode bridge
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan all
port link-aggregation group 1

interface Bridge-Aggregation1
port link-type trunk
port trunk permit vlan all



You can use the below command to verify the  link aggregation



<sw1>display link-aggregation verbose

Thank you,
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Re: Trunk to Ciscoswitches

How about this document, page 25 regarding link-aggregation?


HP-Cisco Switching and Routing Interoperability Cookbook August 2014

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Re: Trunk to Ciscoswitches

Thank you!

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Re: Trunk to Ciscoswitches


Priyansha wrote it right, but I am recommending to start with:


[HP] interface Bridge-Aggregation X

[HP-Bridge-Aggregation X]link-aggregation mode dynamic


You cannot change it later. Then add interface(s) to this bridge:


[HP] inter range <port> <port>...

[HP-if-range] port link-aggragation group X


and finally set up the bridge (but be sure that interafeces used in bridge had the default config)

[HP] interface Bridge-Aggregation X

[HP-Bridge-Aggregation X]port link-type trunk
[HP-Bridge-Aggregation X]port trunk permit vlan all