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Trunking between Gbe2c and HI 5500

New Member

Trunking between Gbe2c and HI 5500

Hi all.

I'm having problem with my HP C7000 blade and 5500 HI Switch Core.


My scenario:

16 x Blade Server -> connect to 02 x Gbe2c Switch (Using Windows 2012 NIC Teaming) -> Connect to  2 x HI 5500 (LACP trunking and IRF already on HI 5500).


I've tried ping to Blade Server but TTL = 127 but Gateway at 5500 = 255. Anyone can help me on it?


Also i'm having problem with STP between them. When i've enable 2 Gbe2c then my Network DOWN. STP s*cking me on this. Could anyone give me advance on it :(