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Trunking on a 2924 SFP Plus Switch.

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Trunking on a 2924 SFP Plus Switch.


I have three 2924 SFP Plus switches and I have setup one Vlan on each switch. All three Vlans are in the same Vlan. I want to connect the ports that are assigned to these Vlan's together and then to my router. Do I need to configure trunking on these ports from switch to switch. I work with cisco switches and I know that trunking is needed on the ports that connect the switches together.

I know 3 com switches are menu driven. I do see where I can create a Vlan, STP, QoS and so on, but I don't see where I can assign Trunking to a port.

Thank You for your answer if someone has one.

Can anyone just tell me if the 2924 SFP Plus switch is capable of doing trunking? If not, can anyone tell me if it is needed on this switch. Thanks.

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