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Trust DSCP on 3Com 5500.

Occasional Contributor

Trust DSCP on 3Com 5500.

Hi All, I have a 3Com 5500 with I want to trust the DSCP priority on a port of the switch.


How can I solve this? ¿With the command "priority trust" on the port the DSCP priority is trusted and the paquet goes to the internal queue? I'm not sure because if I put this command I don't see changes on the port (with show run)...


¿DSCP is trusted by default on all ports? ¿How can I view on what ports is trusted DSCP with a show command?

I have doubts because I can't view DSCP to local precedence map ... But I can view COS to local precedence map(display qos cos-local-precedence-map)


Maybe 5500 not suports DSCP to local precedence map??? Maybie using acl extended?



thanks all

Honored Contributor

Re: Trust DSCP on 3Com 5500.

WHat is the config of the switchport you are applying the trust command to?