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Two 4200G+XFP have not stack!

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Two 4200G+XFP have not stack!

I have two 4200G (3CR17661-91 and 3CR17662-91) + two Switch 4200G 1-Port 10G Module XFP (3C17666) + two 10GBASE-SR (3CXFP94) + optic orabge cable.

<4200G>display version

3Com Corporation

Switch 4200G 24-Port Software Version 3Com OS V3.02.03s56

Copyright (c) 2004-2009 3Com Corporation and its licensors, All rights reserved.

Switch 4200G 24-Port uptime is 0 week, 0 day, 3 hours, 9 minutes

Switch 4200G 24-Port with 1 Processor

64M   bytes DRAM

16M   bytes Flash Memory

Config Register points to FLASH

Hardware Version is REV.B

CPLD Version is 002

Bootrom Version is 2.03

24 GE ( 4 COMBO ) Hardware Version is REV.B

1  XGE Hardware Version is REV.B

Another is similar.

<4200G>display interface TenGigabitEthernet 1/1/1

 TenGigabitEthernet1/1/1 current state : UP

 IP Sending Frames' Format is PKTFMT_ETHNT_2, Hardware address is 0022-57b3-f01b

 Media type is optical fiber, loopback not set

 Port hardware type is XFP_10GBASE_SR

 10Gbps-speed mode, full-duplex mode

 Link speed type is autonegotiation, link duplex type is autonegotiation

 Flow-control is not enabled

 The Maximum Frame Length is 1522

 Broadcast MAX-pps: 3000

 Unicast MAX-ratio: 100%

 Multicast MAX-ratio: 100%

 Unknown Multicast Packet drop: Disable

 Unknown Unicast Packet drop: Disable

 Forbid jumbo frame to pass

 PVID: 1

 Mdi type: auto

 Port link-type: access

  Tagged   VLAN ID : none

  Untagged VLAN ID : 1

 Last 300 seconds input:  0 packets/sec 75 bytes/sec

 Last 300 seconds output:  0 packets/sec 13 bytes/sec

Another is similar.

stack-port enable

Another is similar.

stacking ip-pool 2

stacking enable

#Apr  2 03:08:55:502 2000 stack_0.4200G CLST/5/Cluster_Trap:- 1 -


role change, NTDPIndex:, Role:1

display stacking

 Main device for stack.

 Total members:1

 Management-vlan:1(default vlan)

The first device does not see the second. I can create a cluster, but a stack - no.

display stacking

 This device is not in stacking.

I don't understand:

- Do I wrong operations?

- Or my devices or my cable not for stacking? 

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Re: Two 4200G+XFP have not stack!

Excuse me! Error!

Not optic orabge cable but optic orange cable.

Or this cable not for stack?

The special cable is necessary?