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Re: Two IPv4's configured


Two IPv4's configured

I have configured a IP for the Management port on HP5900 switch i.e.


> interface M-GigabitEthernet 0/0/0

> ip address x.x.x.x yy


The IP worked initially, now we assigned a internal IP to the vlan interface 1 on the same switch due to some requirement.

We are not able to access the x.x.x.x or the management IP now, is there any misconfig ?

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Re: Two IPv4's configured

Could you paste your config?


Is the ip for VLAN1 the same ip and/or the same range as your MGMT interface ip?


If so it sounds like a bug to me and you should contact HP. According to the docs I get the impression that the mgmt interface is supposed to be OOB that is shouldnt get affected by configuration of your other interfaces.


As a test, is your mgmt interface still unreachable even if you change the ip and range used by VLAN1 ?


Re: Two IPv4's configured

The IP assigned to the Mgmt interface was from VLAN y and on the switch we assigned another IP to the vlan interface y.

Guess providing 2 IPs from the same VLAN y , one for the vlan interface and one for the mgmt interface did not get along.


For now we have disabled the mgmt interface and using the IP given to vlan interface.