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U-200A and L2TP

Occasional Contributor

U-200A and L2TP



I'm truing to set the U-200A device as a server for VPN connections.

I'm using an example from L2TP configuration book (from H3C site), with local users, and I use chap authentication, but my  windows XP vpn client  cannot establish a connection.

I receive 2 types of errors:

1-st, when i disable tunnel authentication  - its error 800, vpn server does not respond

2-nd, when i enable this authentication, it's error 789 - errors during negotiation


My test computer is connected to the port of device in untrust zone, and, ofcource, they can ping each other.


Can somebody advise me another vpn client, with L2TP configuration but without IPSec?


Or, may be, somebody knows hot to configure win xp client for this connections.