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Upgrading 4200g with

Occasional Contributor

Upgrading 4200g with

After I performed the upgrade, the switch rebooted. After I log in via the web interface, I get this dialog:

There is no file flash:/s3v01_00.web on the Flash.

Or the file does not match the software running on the device.

The released package is s3v02_04.web.

When I hit OK, it continues and seams to work fine.


Does anyone know how to fix the above error?

Super Advisor

Re: Upgrading 4200g with

Probably you forgot to issue the command "boot web-package s3v02_04.web main" after the software upgrade. The switch tells that the s3v01_00.web (older file) is not present, what means that you probably has deleted it during the upgrade, what is ok.

Try to issue the command "boot web-package s3v02_04.web main" and perform a reboot. The switch will load the correct file.


Occasional Contributor

Re: Upgrading 4200g with

Looks like that file does not exist, and the firmware updated web page won't let me upload a .web file.

With your hint, I was able to tftp from the command line to get that file and write it to the flash though:

<4200G>tftp get s3v02_04.web


Works fine now.  Thanks for your help!