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Upgrading A5800 From P1211P09 to R1808P11

Valued Contributor

Upgrading A5800 From P1211P09 to R1808P11

I have 10 5800s in my environment right now and they currently run P1211P09. I have a list of issues with my network right now that HP has verified that going to R1801P11 will fix. I have a pair of 5800-AFs that I want to run the update on first in my lab environment. They are connected via IRF and I was trying to figure out what the "recommended way" to update the firmware. I see that there are several options (upgrade the boot rom through restart, upgrade boot file through reboot, upgrade IRF member switch, ISSU). What exactly is the best way to upgrade both these switches? Is there a way to upgrade them without having down time?

Sietze Reitsma
Respected Contributor

Re: Upgrading A5800 From P1211P09 to R1808P11

In the Fundamentals Configuration Guide you have a ISSU section. I believe you have to deal with incompatible software upgrade. you can check with #display version comp-matrix file upgrading-filename.


If the software is incompatible you need to follow the steps "ISSU for an incompatible version".



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Re: Upgrading A5800 From P1211P09 to R1808P11



It's a big step from R12xx to R18xx. Because that, you will get downtime in every way. Few seconds with ISSU, 5min with normal upgrade.




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