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Uplink Failure Detection

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Uplink Failure Detection

Juniper has this function.  Does H3C have somethng similar in their 5k series switches?

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Re: Uplink Failure Detection

monitor-link group 1
port gig1/0/1 uplink
port gig1/0/2 downlink

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Re: Uplink Failure Detection

Yes you can use Monitor link confiugration to accomplish this task 


Monitor Link works together with Layer 2 topology protocols to adapt the up/down state of a downlink
port to the state of an uplink port. This feature enables fast link switchover on a downstream device in
response to the uplink state change on its upstream device.


Note:Make sure the port you want to configure as a monitor link group member port is not a member of any
aggregation group or service loopback group



Refer attached pdf for configuration (page no:662)