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Upload iOS to router MSR-3064 and MSR-1002

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Upload iOS to router MSR-3064 and MSR-1002


I need to upload iOS but I don't know the step, do you have any documents or links that can help me? Thanks.


Re: Upload iOS to router MSR-3064 and MSR-1002

Hi @Jonathan_M92 

Can you please let me know your current verstion and target versions on both devices ? Also the product number of those devices ?

You can always refer the release notes for firmware upgrading steps. refer below link page 26 (Appendix B Upgrading software) for more information 


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Re: Upload iOS to router MSR-3064 and MSR-1002

Hi @Jonathan_M92 !

I am afraid I will disappoint you, but you can't upload iOS to an MSR router. iOS is Apple's OS for their handheld devices. IOS is Cisco's OS for network devices made by that company. Neither is compatible with HPE MSR.

Our products run Comware. Since we struggle even with the terminology, I suggest you first check the documentation availabe on "Fundamentals configuration guide" is a good start. Direct link -

P.S. You can upload Comware image using TFTP or FTP client commands embedded into the Comware. This is suitable for cases when your router boots to the existing Comware image, but you want to upload the new one for either upgrade or downgrade. If your router ends up in a situation when it can't boot due to system image corruption or when system image was deleted, then you need to use BootWare (bootrom) shell. In the BootWare menu you can use various upload methods as TFTP, FTP or even XModem. For more information, see the software release notes of the image that you are going to upload, for example check release notes of the latest image for MSR30xx series here - , "Upgrading from the BootWare menu" section.



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