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VLAN ISSUE - 3Com Baseline 2948 SFP Plus

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VLAN ISSUE - 3Com Baseline 2948 SFP Plus

Hi there, got a strange issue in deploying this, finally, quite simple architecture: got an "Ubuntu Server 10.04 LTS" VM over an ESXi4 Server and i'd be glad to connect it to a certain VLAN over the lan.

What i've done is:

1 - Install VLAN package over ubuntu

2 - Load onBoot of 802.1q kernel module

3- Configure VMU to connect through eth1.10 on VlanID 10

4 - Configure a port group on ESXi's vSwitch as it acts as a 802.1q trunk for any VLAn.

5 - Set the port through which esxi's vSwitch connects to the 3com Swtich as "tagged member" of the Vlan10.

6 - Set another linux host to connect through a

Now if i see 3COM CAM, i can see on VMU's switchport on 3com, that there's a NIC's MAC with VLAN ID 10, the right one i assigned to eth1.10: but if I configure another host, to be on the same vlan , they would not communicate ;

if I exclude ESXi's vSwitch and try to connect two properly configured linux phisical hosts over two "tagged membership" 3com's switchport, it works.

So, assuming that i've done all "good" what's the problem whithin 3com's Baseline 2498 and VmWare ESXi4's vSwitch/Portgroup? Or whatever, does anyone have got any idea 'bout this?!

Hope so, best regards :)