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VLANs and ACLs 4200G

Occasional Advisor

VLANs and ACLs 4200G


I have two 3COM 4200G layer 3 switches running 2 different VLANs.

My inter VLAN communication works 100% after assigning VLAN interfaces on the switches. The problem I am facing is as follows. I want to deny all traffic from VLAN 2 from accessing VLAN 1, but VLAN 1 must be able to have full access to VLAN 2.

I have created ACL rules all the ways I can think of, applied them globally and per VLAN with no success. Can someone please give me a crash course on how to do this ?

The details are as follows :

VLAN 1 - Wildcard mask

VLAN 2 - Wildcard mask

VLAN 1 full access to VLAN 2

VLAN 2 no access to VLAN 1

How must the command look, must it be applied globally, per VLAN or per port ? what must the match order be ? The 4200G supports inbound packet-filtering.

I have read all the manuals available from 3 COM but the info is a bit scarce or I do not understand it 100% correctly

If you would like more info please do not hesitate to ask

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Re: VLANs and ACLs 4200G

Hi Guys

Can someone please assist me in this regard.

Your assistance will be greatly appreciated. :)


Occasional Advisor

Re: VLANs and ACLs 4200G