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Kenneth McNeil
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We are having problems getting our VOIP phones to work at our remote branch office (Athens). We are connected to the branch office through a point to point fiber connection (VLAN 1200), the fiber connection also connects to 2 other branch offices (VLAN 1561, 3117) but they do not have a need for VOIP (Yet). We believe that the problem is at the OPDVLAN switch, it was put in the middle to manage the VLAN's, but only moves traffic from VLAN 25, or whatever the default VLAN is. We need to be able to move VLAN's 25/26 across the fiber WAN so that the branch office can have Data/Voice services. Hope I explained my issue, I am also adding configs, any help will be appreciated.


VLAN 25 - , - Data
Cisco router provides DHCP for VOIP

ATHENS (HP3400yl) <--> Fiber WAN (VLAN 1200) <--> OPDVLAN (HP A5120) <--> HP1 (HP5400) <--> Cisco VOIP Router

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Re: VOIP over WAN

I think you might benefit from putting together a full network diagram including all VLAN switchport assignments and all Layer-3 interfaces. Also, add switchport "description" to each uplink port labelling its function.


I'm not clear on how this all hangs together - you don't have VLAN1200 assigned to any interface at "Athens" and you don't have VLAN1200 on the main office "Core" at all.


If I'm reading this right, your intention is for all your routing to be done on the 5400 main office "core", with VLANs being spanned across the WAN to the site where they are required.

This would depend on whether your WAN supports having multiple VLANs. Often, you would route traffic across the WAN, not span a VLAN across it, which would involve you putting your VLAN subnet router address on the local site switch, adding a default route pointing at the carrier local VLAN1200 address, and add a VLAN1200 IP address to your local end so that you can route the traffic to your carrier.

Kenneth McNeil
Occasional Advisor

Re: VOIP over WAN

As you can see I am a 'noob' to this!!


I believe I have found the issue (with the help of some Network Consultants), hopefully I can explain what is happening briefly in terms everyone can understand:


WAN provider says that I have a layer 2 WAN utilizing Q-in-Q that is connected from my main office to 3 branch offices. WAN provider has given me a VLAN for each remote office connection:


Athens - VLAN 1200

Branch 2 - VLAN 1201

Branch 3 - VLAN 1202


Each VLAN is connected to an HP switch ath the branch offices, All 3 VLANS come into ONE provider edge trunk port at the main office, which is then connected to an HP switch.


I need to pass the following VLANS over the WAN:


Data - VLAN 10

Voice - VLAN  20


1st network consultant says pick a port, tag VLAN 10/20 to that port, plug the port into the provider edge equipment, do this on both sides and your done. This did not work!!!


2nd network consultant says verify from WAN provider Q-in-Q is implemented (Verified). He notices that at the main site all of the VLANS are coming in on the same trunk port, says this will not work, not a true Layer 2 Q-inQ implementation, and told me to have the WAN provider to send each of the WAN VLANS (1200, 1201, 1202) to seperate ports on their provider edge equipment.


Calling WAN provider tomorrow to get 2nd network consultants ideas implemented.