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Vlan Configuration

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Vlan Configuration

Hi, I'm a newbee to 3Com switches. I got the task of replacing a 3Com 4400 with a 3Com 4200G 48-ports switch.

Before i replace the 4400 I want to test the 4200G. But I got a problem. I can't figure out the Vlan configuration. The Console-GUI is not the same so I can't really copy the setting of the 4400.

I have a router and a mainswitch Call it Switch A. (It's the mainswitch I want to replace.) The mainswitch is connected to a second switch (Switch B) and all of my 3 Vlans work so far. But now I want to connect the new 4200G (call it Switch C) after Switch B to see if I can get the three Vlan (ID=1, 609, and 611) to work on switch C.

The default Vlan works fine but I can't get 609 and 611 to work. I got no connection at all.

What am I missing?

I tried to tagged the ports linking switch B and C, but no....I tried to have them untagged, but no.

And what is a vlan interface?

In switch A I can't find anything about Vlan interface. So I can't copy anything to the new switch C.

Is it enough with one vlan interface, the one for the default Vlan?

Can someone help me to step-by-step talk me thru the setup. (Vlan interface, tagged or untagged ports for the three diffrent vlans?)

And am I missing something?

One more thing, I'm hav link type set to "hybrid" for all ports in Switch C.

I'm grateful for all kinds of tips!


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Re: Vlan Configuration

On the port of swith B where you are connecting switch C tagg al vlans except vlan 1 which you should leave untagged. On switch C set a port as port link-type trunk and set "port trunk permit vlan all".

Connect switches B and C together and check if you can communicate.

Vlan interfaces are layer 3 and you are already taking care of that in your router. After you have layer 2 working, you can worry about improving layer 3.

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Re: Vlan Configuration

could you please help us ,

We have 3 switch 3COM 4200G 48 port ,We tried to configurstion VLAN but we have problem with forwording packet betwwen switchs.our switch topology are tree and we have 3 vlan ,

Vlan 100   Telephone Vlan we have router for telephone .IP addrees

Vlan 200    host vlan we have DHCP server for IP address .IP address

Vlan 300  other host the valn 300 ip address is

Can someone help me to step-by-step talk me thru the setup

Q1.The Switch 4200G series Ethernet switches can support VLAN

interfaces configuration to forward packets in Layer 3 ?