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VoIP switch uplinking to HPE 1950

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VoIP switch uplinking to HPE 1950

I've inherited a HPE switched network and been ask to create VLANs for a vendor provider VoIP phone system that will be on its own switch uplinking to my HPE 1950 switches and back to a HPE 5800 core.  The VoIP switch will be using VLAN 200 for the voice traffic and the phones won't have anything connected behind it.  Strctly phones.

I've defined the VLANs and tagged my trunks appropriately that go back to the core.

The ports on the HPE 1950 switches are for the workstations.

Two questions -

1 - Is there a better configuration for this scenario or can I get away with just tagging VLAN 200 on the trunks?  I saw that there is a voice VLAN option on the 1950s, but wasn't sure how to implement it.

2 - We want to implement QoS, can I get away with using a policy applied to VLAN 200 and putting a priority on it?

My VoIP background is still in its infancy, so any suggestions would be great!


Re: VoIP switch uplinking to HPE 1950

Please user below user guide for voice vlan definition & implementing qos

Voice VLAN assignment modes A port can be assigned to a voice VLAN automatically or manually. Automatic mode When an IP phone is powered on, it sends out protocol packets. After receiving these protocol packets, the device uses the source MAC address of the protocol packets to match its OUI addresses. If the match succeeds, the device performs the following operations: • Assigns the receiving port of the protocol packets to the voice VLAN. • Issues ACL rules and sets the packet precedence. • Starts the voice VLAN aging timer. If no voice packet is received from the port before the aging timer expires, the device will remove the port from the voice VLAN. The aging timer is also configurable. Manual mode You must manually assign the port that connects to the IP phone to a voice VLAN. The device uses the source MAC address of the received voice packets to match its OU

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