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Re: Voice Vlan And Dot1x

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Voice Vlan And Dot1x

Hi all,

Recently i upgraded version to my 5500HI Switch from version 5500.HI_5.20.R5501P28  to version 5500.HI_5.20.R5501P15-US.

I have voice vlan and data vlan  configured  on the same port with dot1x.

The problem is when the PC is down the phone dosen't working, it's look like there is a change in the version that cause this problem.

I don't use dot1x voice vlan, Only the PC do Authenticatin with the dot1x server.

Any idea.?


Re: Voice Vlan And Dot1x


You realize that you downgraded the code to an older patch level.  I would go back to P28.

Is the phone and PC getting put into the right VLAN?  It would be helpful to see how you have it configured.


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Re: Voice Vlan And Dot1x



First of all thank you for the repaly, i upgraded the switch from 5500EI to 5500HI.

As for the problem i have Hp 5500 EI switch with dot1x that work perfect with ip phone.

same configuration on 5500 HI switch with ip phone work fine until the user turn off the computer.

The issue is that when the computer turned off the ip phone stop working, seems HP changed something in the

new version.

I would like to know if someone had the issue and what was the solution?

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Re: Voice Vlan And Dot1x


Could you post at least the config part for the interface ?

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Re: Voice Vlan And Dot1x

Here is the config:



dot1x timer tx-period 10

dot1x timer supp-timeout 60

dot1x timer server-timeout 200

dot1x retry 10

dot1x authentication-method eap



interface GigabitEthernet1/0/10

port link-mode bridge

description Host+IPTel

port link-type trunk

port trunk permit vlan 1 11 14

port trunk pvid vlan 11

undo voice vlan mode auto

voice vlan 14 enable

speed 100

duplex full

poe enable

undo dot1x handshake

dot1x port-method portbased



I read about how port-based and mac-based method works and didn't find it fit.

I also tried both port based and mac based method and it didn't work for me, it only wotk when the pc pass dot1x authetication.

what i'm trying to get is that the ip phone will work all the time even if it don't do the dot1x authentication.

In my case the ip phone start working only if the computer pass the dot1x autentication.