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Voice Vlan and DHCP

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Voice Vlan and DHCP

One of our customer having 2 5800 switches IRF as the core switch and 5120 switches as edge switches.recently they deployed Avaya PABX system and we created a new vlan for Avaya.on trunk links we permited the voice vlan  and all access ports tagged for voice vlan and untagged for the data vlan(PC is connecting to the phone).

Separate DHCP server configured and DHCP scope created for voice.and DHCP relay enabled on the voice vlan interface.

we are having following issues once we connected Avaya phones to the switch ports,

1. phones are not identifying the vlan id and not getting any DHCP ip,Waiting for LLDP message is appear on the phone screen

2.once we configure the vlan id on the phone , phone is taking IPs from DHCP scope

3.Some time phnoe is identifing the vlan id correctly but it is not taking any  ip dhcp scope

4.static vlan, ip configuration is working fine

for testing purpose we created a dhcp scope for voice on the switch but the problem is same.

Can anybody help me to resolve this issue

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Re: Voice Vlan and DHCP

We had a simular issue with our Cisco phones until we added the oui's of the phones to the voice vlan.  We had several to add, so we wound up removing several the defaults below is a small snip of our config:


undo voice vlan mac-address 00d0-1e00-0000
undo voice vlan mac-address 00e0-7500-0000
undo voice vlan mac-address 00e0-bb00-0000
voice vlan mac-address 000c-ce00-0000 mask ffff-ff00-0000 description Cisco IP Phone
voice vlan mac-address 000d-2800-0000 mask ffff-fe00-0000 description Cisco IP Phone
voice vlan mac-address 000d-bc00-0000 mask ffff-fe00-0000 description Cisco IP Phone


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Re: Voice Vlan and DHCP

has your problem been solved yet ?!