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WOL ACL on comware7

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WOL ACL on comware7

Hi.  I'm trying to configure directed broadcast to allow WoL to work over the routed network - with security so it's only allowing packets from the WoL server to pass.  On Comware 7, you can't add the ACL prefix to the end of "ip forward-broadcast" comand like you can in comware 5.

As an alternative solution, I can add an ACL to the interface to block subnet broadcasts from hosts except for the WoL server.  Example (wol server =

acl number 3001 name ACL-BLOCK_DIRECTED_BRDCST
rule 0 permit udp source 0 destination 0 destination-port eq 9
rule 5 deny ip destination 0
rule 10 permit ip 

interface Vlan-interface100
ip address ip forward-broadcast packet-filter 3001 outbound

The issue with this is that i think that the deny statement will also block the routers own broadcasts to the network.  I don't have a lab so is this true?  Is there a solution where I can only allow the WoL server to send broadcasts to this subnet?  Thanks.