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best redundancy setup point to one coreswitch

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best redundancy setup point to one coreswitch


Need advised on best setup redundancy if 2 Distribution Switches(DSW) point to 1 CoreSwitch (using 2 ports) and many access switches(ASW) link to dsw.

I'm new to HP and need to learn fast. really appreciate your help.

                          CSW (7500series)

                    DSW1     DSW2 (7500 series)

ASW   ASW    ASW   ASW  ASW   ASW (5000 series)

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Re: best redundancy setup point to one coreswitch

In this scenario I would do:

LACP between each distribution switches to the core.
LACP switches between access and distribution.

If there is the possibility of stacking (IRF), the scenario is more complete

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Re: best redundancy setup point to one coreswitch

Some models of the 7500 support resiliency, so if you can you should IRF them together, then each of your 5000s should patch back to both 7500s and you should LACP these links together.

Having said that, the part of your network that is most crucial is your core, and you only have one core, so that's where you need resiliency the most.

So better would be to create a 3-chassis Distribution/core using your 3 7500s.
If your 7500s support IRF
   but they are 7510s, then create an IRF pair and a standalone 7510 and pick one of them to be your VRF master.
   otherwise, IRF all 3 of them together
otherwise set them up as a 3-member VRF cluster.