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cause study for discarded packets

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cause study for discarded packets



according to IMC I have discarded packets (0.00% to several 1. 2. 3. ... %, so also "orange" alerts) on nearly all of my switches. It doesn´t depend on the configuration at all, i.e. 10Gbe/1Gbe, trunk, hybrid, LACP,... it doesn´t matter. Well, when I look at the counters for those interfaces within the CLI on the switch itself, I actually do not see any packets within the counters that would match.


So what is the reason?


- Do I have overload situations? I don´t think so

- Some QOS issue? Why should the packets been dropped if the links are way no saturated...

- micro bursts? According to IMC those discarded packets are also on my 10Gbe links with barely traffic

- buffer problems? Should I enable "burst-control enable" on all switches and problems are gone?

- hardware problems? Well those switches are A5500-EI, A5500-HI, A5800 IMC sees errors everywhere.


- What counters does IMC read at all?

- Is there any possibility to debug it?




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Re: cause study for discarded packets

So, I´ve never solved that problem and I´m still getting those "errors". Perhaps someone knows more nowadays?