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cisco 3com LACP trunk

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cisco 3com LACP trunk

Dear 3com users,

At my company we have all cisco switches. Recently a new productionsystem is installed which involved a 3com 2916-SFP Plus switch. The 3com and Our cisco 3750 has to be connected via a LACP channel which also is a 802.1q trunk.

the config is as following:

I have 3 vlans: vlan1 (native), vlan4 (management), vlan10(other). those vlans are also created on our cisco.

port 15/16 on the 3com is bundled as a LACP channel and 802.1q trunk which only allows vlan1 and vlan10.

3com port 8 is connected to cisco port 17. Both ports are in vlan4 for managment purposes only.

port 8 is untagged in vlan1 and tagged in vlan4

port 15/16 is untagged in vlan 1 and tagged in vlan 10

all other ports are untagged in vlan 10

the LACP channel is created succesfully. Only, on the cisco i get messages of a native vlan mismatch for vlan 4 and vlan 1. Also Spanning tree shuts down port 17 on the cisco (vlan 4).

as i'm a cisco guy, i know that the cisco switch is configured correctly. How must i configure my vlans on the 3com?

Thanks in advance.