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configuring a stack of 5500 EI - 52 port switches. Misc questions.

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configuring a stack of 5500 EI - 52 port switches. Misc questions.

Hi all


I'm creating a stack of 4 X superstack 4 5500-EI 52 port switches.  I've attached a picture to help explain.  Must say this stacking buisness is new to me and I have been reading the PDF's to configure them.


My question is, looking at the picture............above the SFP's theres an orange LED flashing.  The mode switch above it is set to speed and the LED is orange.  So what does this mean?  


I have logged into the switches GUI via http....and checked out each of these ports.   Through port administration tab, each of these fabric ports shows that the speed has negotiated to 1000.  However just after re assurance that this looks configured correctly.


Does this seem right to everyone?  just need to ask as orange/yellow on a normal switch port is 10Mbs. 


Basically to configure the switch I have done the following.

from system view ....... interface vlan-interface 1
 ip address x.x.x.x  x.x.x.x   (where X is Ip and subnet mask of VLAN1) 

from system view.........IP route static X.X.X.X ( where X is our default gateway) 

from system view.........fabric-port gigabitethernet 1/0/51 enable  (done this for required fabric ports)


Is there anything I have missed....


Thanks for your time and have a good one all!




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Re: configuring a stack of 5500 EI - 52 port switches. Misc questions.



I continued with the Fabric and completed a ring topology, now its happy green lights.