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Re: connecting WAP to WAC

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connecting WAP to WAC

hi all,


i have a wireless access controller module in my switch


i have configured my switch to talk to the controller and vica versa via an internal 10-gig card and i have made it a trunk carrying all my vlans 1/2/12/16/21 using the default vlan 21


it works, as i can telnet into both of them over the network


now i want to connect my access point up


do i make one of the ports on the switch into a trunk carrying all the vlans and having a default vlan of 21(same way i have made the switch to talk to the controller)

many thanks,



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Re: connecting WAP to WAC

solved it...


Configuring OAP
related Communication
Configuring OAP
related Communication for LSQM1WCMB0:
Configurations on Wireless Access Controller Module
(LSQM1WCMB0) side:
Login to LSQM1WCMB0 via console;
Create multiple VLANs as needed (system view):
vlan { vlanid1 [ to vlanid2 ] | all }
Enter the internal
port view (system view):
interface ten-gigabitEthernet1/0/1
Configure the port link type as Trunk (10GE port view):
port link-type trunk
Allow a specified VLAN to pass through the current Trunk port (10GE port
port trunk permit vlan { vlanidlist | all }
Configure the default VLAN for the Trunk port (10GE port view):
port trunk pvid vlan vlanid


and to configure the S7500 side ie the switch you do exactley the same, make sure the pvids match up otherwise it wont work!!!

basically what it does is that it trunks all the vlans and makes it go down the pvid ie default vlan but the pvid is UNTAGGED

and all you do is make a port(s) on the switch an untagged port on whatever vlan you have made the default pvid so make it an access port ie untagged and thats it, the WAC can now talk to the WAP's