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default VLAN in 5500G

Occasional Advisor

default VLAN in 5500G

is it 3com are not allow any VLAN interface to access the default VLAN ?

coz i was trying add any VLAN to the default VLAN at 3com,but it keep said i can add any VLAN in.

any idea ?


Occasional Advisor

Re: default VLAN in 5500G

Are you talking about setting a native vlan to an

existing port setup as a trunk port?

dis this


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/4

stp edged-port enable

port link-type trunk

port trunk permit vlan 1 26 50 to 74

broadcast-suppression pps 3000

undo jumboframe enable

apply qos-profile default



port trunk pvid vlan 26

Frequent Advisor

Re: default VLAN in 5500G

can you explain more ?

Did you try to add a port to vlan 1 ? by default all ports are in vlan 1...perhaps that is why you'll get the message.



Occasional Advisor

Re: default VLAN in 5500G

it seem default vlan,which is vlan 1, are not allow add any vlan or permit for vlan 1.i was try to permit the diffrent vlan are talk with default vlan.