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fiber between 4200g and 4210

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fiber between 4200g and 4210

I am trying to get a fiber connection between our 4200g and a 4210 52 port switch. both are using 3csfp91 modules. The device configuration screen shows  the connection as active, but I can't ping between switches, is there some settings I am missing?


This is what the settings on the port are

Port State            Enable        PVID                  1


Flow Control          Disable               Link Type             Trunk


MDI                   Auto                  Speed                 1000


Duplex                Full                  Max MAC Count         No Limit


Jumbo Frame           Disabled              Port Isolate          Disabled


Broadcast Suppression 3000(pps)


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Re: fiber between 4200g and 4210

When I plug in the trancievers the switches displays a messages indicating it being plugged in, so I assume those are working. (I have also tried other transcievers to eliminate them as the problem). The port condidtion changes from up to down when I unplug the fiber so I know there must be a signal. I configured both ends as trunks and permitted all vlan traffic. Still I am unable to ping between switches. What am I missing?

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