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Re: first configuration switch 4210

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first configuration switch 4210

Hi all, need some advise and info please, the switch 4210

26 port just arrived at my place and all users had been connected on it but what the first thing i must configure on that switch cause honestly this is the first

time i use switch manageable ?

sorry for this stupid question, need advise please.

Thanks a lot.


Re: first configuration switch 4210

I usually setup the following:

Give it a STATIC (not DHCP) IP address.

Setup the passwords and change the SNMP community strings away from Public/Private.

Give the device a name.

Turn off STP (spanning tree) if you are sure there is no way to create an accidental "loop" in the network.

That is all you may need. Everything else is to "tweak" the unit.

Good Luck.