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high cpu usage

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high cpu usage

Hello guys.

We have a stack with 8 3com 5500-EI, its all ok but one unit, unit 6, have high cpu usage all time....

Look this:

Unit 6
Board 0 CPU busy status:
    88% in last 5 seconds
    92% in last 1 minute
    90% in last 5 minutes



The question is, how i can look what is using it ?


With cisco, IOS, have a command for look all process(sh process), but with 3com ? 


All other switches of stack are normal(50-60% cpu usage)...



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Re: high cpu usage

I couldnt locate anything regarding this in the HP_CLI_Ref_Guide_ver2_JAN13.pdf file.


I think you might be have better luck using the _hidecmd command.


That is login to your device and run:





WARNING! only use the "display" command after you issued the _hidecmd (otherwise dragons and stuff will come and eat your switch alive ;-)


That is "display ?"


Use "quit" to get back to normal mode.