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hp 4400 switch - snmp trap configuration

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hp 4400 switch - snmp trap configuration

I have a couple of 3com superstack 4400's and am trying to setup snmp traps.


I have gone through the process of:


telnet <switchip>

system -> management -> snmp -> trap -> create


adding the snmp community and snmp trap server ip but I haven't received any snmp traps only from these switches.

I am receiving traps for other devices (servers, 3com 4210G switch, 3com 4500 switch)


Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: hp 4400 switch - snmp trap configuration

Hey techdude1011

Did you try access the CLI ?
these would be the commands and it should work

snmp-agent community read <community string>
snmp-agent target-host trap address udp-domain <ip> params securityname <community string> v2c

#snmp-agent community write <community string> (not recommended)

also you already made yourself sure about other network issues/blocking firewalls?