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hp procurve 5308xl Duplex Mismatch on port


hp procurve 5308xl Duplex Mismatch on port



I have frequentely warning in the switch HP Procurve 5308xl


1- Duplex Mismatch on port (ports)

2- Excessive CRC/Alignement errors on port (port)


Can you telle me please what issue of this errors and how can i resolve the probleme ?


King regards


Re: hp procurve 5308xl Duplex Mismatch on port



This errors are typicaly seen when a port did not correctly negociate speed and/or duplex (with old or exotic devices for exemple). But you can also have this errors when using bad or damaging cables.

A port with speed/duplex mismatch will generate CRC, so the errors message are probably linked.

In order to correct Speed / duplex errors CRC or other unexpected behavior on the link, you have to check the port configuration on both devices for speed and/or duplex
 mismatch and force the config accordingly.

To check the mode setting for a port on the switch, use the "show interfaces brief" and "show interface [port]in the CLI

To force the port speed / duplex, use the command "interface [port] speed-duplex [speed-duplex]"
If possible, force the speed / duplex on both devices.