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Re: inter vlan Routing HP 5500 ei

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inter vlan Routing HP 5500 ei

Good day,

By default does HP 5500 EI Switch have inter-vlan routing? And how can i setup vlan that cannot be accessed by other vlans in my network? thanks

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Re: inter vlan Routing HP 5500 ei


Yes the 5500 switch supports inter vlan routing.

If you dont want a certan vlan to be accessed by an other vlan, you should use access lists..

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Re: inter vlan Routing HP 5500 ei

thanks, will be working on this.


Re: inter vlan Routing HP 5500 ei



The 5500 ei I believe supports vpn-instances (or VRF's) I think this is a better way to accomplish what you need than access-lists.

I always use vpn-instances where I can to create a way for outband management of my switches.

This way you can create a "management" network that you can easily secure from the rest of the traffic at just 1 gateway (a router or switch with an access-list or a firewall) The advantage is that only at this central point you have to define who can access the management network and who doesn't in stead of doing it on every switch seperatly.

But ofcourse you can use this method too for other reasons than creating a management network. You can split your physical network in multiple seperated logical networks for different reasons. I have hospitals as customers where the patients have iptv's or wireless internet access on their rooms. To prevent having a patient somehow connecting to the internal network and not having to buy seperate hardware, the patients have their own "logical" network within the physical network based on vlans and vpn-instance. One can not talk to the other. Seperate mac-address tables, seperate vlans, seperate routing tables...


Re: inter vlan Routing HP 5500 ei

thank you very much for your information. I will try to test different configurations and approach.