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inter vlan routing on a 5500g

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inter vlan routing on a 5500g

I have 3 vlans and interfaces setup on a 5500g switch

vlan1 interfae

vlan2 interface

vlan3 interface


vlan1 port 25 is configured a trunk and connected to a 4400

vlan3 port 27 is configured link access


workstation is connected to port 27 with ip address of and gateway of


workstation can ping all 3 interfaces but cannot ping through vlan1 on the 4400. 

any suggestions. is the problem local to this switch or something on the 4400?



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Re: inter vlan routing on a 5500g

How are you routing the traffic between vlans? The 5500g does support RIP and OSPF...
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Re: inter vlan routing on a 5500g

You shouldn't need to use OSPF or RIP for this to work because the 5500 will automatically route between local VLAN interfaces.


Two other things to consider:


1) On the trunk port, have you specified the vlans that are allowed? It is not sufficient to just do "port link-type trunk" need to follow that with "port trunk permit vlan 1 2 3" or "port trunk permit vlan all". I am not familiar with 4400's but make sure they are both using 802.1Q encapsulation.


2) Have you specified the correct vlan when setting the access port?




port link-type access

port access vlan 3

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Re: inter vlan routing on a 5500g

Look at your IP routes and be sure that all of youe VLAN routes are showing.  If the VLAN isn't up for some reason then the route will not appear in your routing table.