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interface on HP A5120

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interface on HP A5120

hi all,


looking at my logbuffer i can see that some interfaces status always change from up/down many times. and just some off them 


speed and duplex are auto and  I think that interface is up when computers are on and down when off.


Why interfaces changes ?






Re: interface on HP A5120



You have Spanning-Tree (STP) running on those ports.  Every time a computer, phone or other non-switch network device drops it's Ethernet and starts up again those actions will cause Spaning-Tree to recalculate to prevent network loops.  During the time it takes to recalculate, there can be short traffic delays in your network. 


Set your ports that are connected to non-switch devices as stp edged-port enable and that will stop the STP messages. 


You need to understand that if a switch gets connected to an EDGE port, you run the risk of loops in your network as that switch will not participate in the STP updates.  To shut off EDGE mode, you use the undo stp edged-port command.





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Re: interface on HP A5120

In addition to the above, to guard against switches being added to your network, with undesirable effects, you can configure root-guard on your uplinks and BPDU protection on your edge ports.