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lacp aggregated link

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lacp aggregated link


I have set up at LACP aggregated link between a 3Com 4050 and a Cisco c2960g. It seems to be working fine, but when I look at the status of the aggregated link in the web gui, the status of the two NICs are different; the first NIC shows

"Automatic 1000full auto active"

the second shows

"Automatic 1000full active". Auto is not displayed here. Does anyone know what this means?




Re: lacp aggregated link

should not affect the normal operation, I have the same on one of my switches here, seems to be an optical issue.

can you try to post the contents of your config file for these two particular ports, perhaps there is a difference in the single port config whichcould cause this display in the GUI.

with kind regards

Dennis Vogt
with kind regards

Dennis Vogt